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New support forum

Support is now offered via our Github page, rather than email. On this page you’ll be able to do things such as:

  • Post issues/questions and get replies from me
  • Help out other users
  • Browse or search resolved issues and questions

Visit the support page for all the details.

Introducing Paperweight.

A minimalistic Tumblr theme with a hint of blue, and available for free.

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Update: grid themes even more customizable

Make grid themes just the way you like ‘em. A major update to all Olle Ota grid themes that enhances customization features has just arrived.

Here are the highlights of this update:

New post button icon set


A trendy new “flat” icon set has been added to the collection of selectable icon sets.

Ten new post hovers

Transparent gradient post hover debut in this new release. They look great with posts, creating a sleek look.


Pictured: Post button overlay set to “gradient fire”


Pictured: Post button overlay set to “gradient surf”

In addition to the gradients, you’re now able to select more transparent color overlays, with the new colors of pink, purple, red and blue.

Use two fonts


Mix and match Google Fonts from your customize panel. Right now the Primary Google Font will be used in the content area, and the Secondary Google Font will be used in the masthead.

If you’ve configured your Google Font selection, you’ll need to re-add them in this release.

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